May News

We will be closed on May 20th

May 30th Closed for Memorial Day.

We are closed every 3rd Friday of the month

Parents are not allowed in buildings

Monthly billing is sent out at the beginning of every month. Payments are due by the 10th of every month to avoid late fees.

  • CCCAP families please make sure you are confirming your child’s times every day. Swipes not confirmed by parents will be charged the daily rate on the next month’s billing.
  • Drop off & Pick Up: Please continue to use your child’s designated area next to their class. Drop off times are 7:30-8:30 if you are going to be dropping off your child after these times you must call the center so a staff member can meet you outside. Please continue to call the center when you are coming for your kiddo so your child’s teacher can meet you outside.
  • Hours for pick up varies. GBH closes at 5:30
  • Please check with your child’s teacher for child’s confirmed hours & days if you are unsure what they are approved for.
  • Phone numbers for each building:

                            CPP 1 & 2(pink trim): 719-587-7016

                             Toddler 1 & 3/ CPP 5(green trim): 719-587-7017

                              Infants(brown rim): 719-587-8216

                             CPP 3 & 4/ Toddler2 & Main Building (maroon trim):719-587-7162

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